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Be the parents who take preventative action before the crisis. My specialty is working with creative teenagers, joining with them and helping them build their understanding of themselves and their purpose. I enjoy creating relationships with teens who tend to

Workshops + Speaking

There are several topics that we are particularly passionate about and, we’ve found, are relevant to most families and individuals. Emily Yi has developed some workshops and presentations that provide support, education, practical tools, and -best of all- engage the participants

For My Peers

As Parkwood Counseling Center has come to be, Emily Yi has kept careful notes along the way. “You may have questions about goal setting, time management, obtaining your license, financial planning, business planning, logo development, setting up fees, marketing strategies

Meet Our Counselor

My Ideal Client

My specialty is working with creatives, gifted teenagers and their families. Working teens is a passion of mine; joining with them and helping them build their understanding of themselves and their purpose. You have found a place for expression, organizing thoughts

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What our clients have to say…

I attended the a workshop with my husband. We found the time spent very worthwhile and learned a lot. Emily had great ideas and provided us with good reference material for continued learning. The environment was relaxed and it was great to hear from others on their experiences as well. We will attend more of her workshops.

Laura and Richard On "Let's Get Practical" Workshop

One of Parkwood Counseling Center's goals is to provide guidance through grief and loss. Emily recently spoke to a group of our seniors illustrating how the expression of honest feelings can aid in healing.

Mrs. Murphy, Senior Adult Ministry Leader On "Joy for the Journey" Workshop

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