My specialty is working with creatives, gifted teenagers and their families. Working teens is a passion of mine; joining with them and helping them build their understanding of themselves and their purpose. You have found a place for expression, organizing thoughts and making changes to improve life for yourself and those you love. Despite faith base, we are in the business of healing through honesty and hard work.

Art supplies are at hand. A whiteboard is used regularly to create visuals, lists and maps of what is being shared in session. With a keurig, my scensi candle and all the craft supplies you can imagine, my office is a haven for the creative-at-heart.

Struggling with a positive self image, feeling alone, have a history of being bullied or finding their place in school… some teenagers have a rough road. Teenagers that are angry, hurting and have closed themselves off from the family need someone to confide in. You need someone to help your teen (or even yourself as a young adult) find their footing again and begin to relate to others in the family. My office is located in a church and if you are of the Christian faith, incredible coping skills can be discussed and practiced at your discretion.

Emily Yi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In the last decade, she has graduated with her master’s from Florida State University, married her husband, Eric, has a  daughter, Maylee, son, Eli and a dog, Link. As a side hobby, Emily creates greeting cards for the Etsy community and is an insatiable reader. Emily is knowledgeable in several treatment types and specialized in utilizing art in therapy. Her unique giftedness as a therapist is complemented by her faith and knowledge of scripture. Her blog CreatedWhole provides resources and ideas on tapping into the creative process for healing.

JoanneKiddPhotography_Headshots_3-20-2015-9291_500x500px-with-border-2“I believe we were created by our Heavenly Father, in his image, and can be made whole and holy through his Holy Spirit at work in us. “Created in His image” means we, too, are creative. Through exercising our creativity, we can process trauma, solidify our identity, and remain focused on our purpose.” -Emily Yi