This website is for Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Parents, or anyone interested in using expressive activities to help others learn, heal and grow. You are looking for simple, practical tools to equip others for life and catalyze healing from hurtful life experiences.

Hi! My name is Emily Yi, LCSW. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have had wonderful opportunities to bring my passion and interest to life and utilize creativity and the arts for helping others. I started this website to share the successes I have had so you can implement some of these techniques with people in your life who may also benefit.

I believe we were created by our Heavenly Father, in his image, and can be made Whole and Holy through his Holy Spirit at work in us. “Created in his image” means that we, too, are creative. Through exercising our creativity, we can process trauma (aka Life), solidify our identity, and remain focused on our purpose. Here you will find simple techniques to enrich your tool box as a helping professional or loving caregiver. Use this site to awake insight into utilizing your gifts of creativity and drawing creativity out of others.