The main task for children 12 years old through 18 years old is to solidify their identity and establish trust in themselves. Teenagers are selfish if they are doing it right. They need to be thinking about themselves, who they are, what they believe in, and what they want for their lives. Questionnaires about who they are and what they like are popular around this time. As are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media that allows you to create a profile.

Identify what values others have. Identify your your values.Identify what others like. Identify what you like. Identify what you don’t like. Identify. Identify. Identify. It is was shapes your identity- and it has to build over time. Start somewhere.

A collage, in therapy, is as good a place as any. Cutting and pasting images from magazines, adding a doodle here, arranging a few pictures there. The physical engagement with the media can be just as cathartic as the end result. Then share what you made. Verbalizing the thoughts and images that have been swimming add another block to the formation of the identity. Allow the therapist to utilize reflective listening to make sure you are communicating exactly what you like and dislike. It is all a process. A fun, creative process!

Collages- Identity VS Role Confusion

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