About Me – Counseling @ Parkwood Counseling Center

My specialty is working with creative teenagers, joining with them and helping them build their understanding of themselves and their purpose. I enjoy creating relationships with teens who tend to be difficult to reach and/or teenagers who are asking for therapy. If you know something is off, some reassurance is just a phone call away.

With a keurig, my oil mister and all the craft supplies you can imagine, my office is a haven for the creative-at-heart. I would like to help your teenager see hope in their future and be an answer to prayers for a positive influence in your big kid’s life.

I make every effort to ensure you are comfortable and have what you need to relax in session. I try to have my families’ favorite beverages available at each appointment and utilize questionnaires to make sure I am hitting the mark each week.

The Mission of the Blog: Creative Therapy

I believe we were created to create. I believe creating helps to heal people. I believe that creating can lead to wholeness. The mission of the blog aspect of this website is to provide some information and inspiration to practitioners, parents, and adults who need a push to use the gifts of creativity and draw them out of others.

The blog is titled Creative Therapy. It is written by Emily, a LCSW with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Experience includes working as an assessor with all ages at a Mental Health Clinic in Georgia and working as a clinical counselor with children and families in Jacksonville. Emily is currently working at Parkwood Counseling Center, offering Clinical Counseling with  Christian Perspective to all who are in need in the community and selling stationery on her Etsy Store!

Before testing the techniques of Creative Therapy, you may want to know how the information came together over time. I have done extensive research on using art throughout the therapeutic process, making it my central research focus throughout college, graduate school and in my years of experience as a therapist. I also have my own experience in what has worked in using expressive outlets in treatment with adults, children and families. I do not claim to be an expert on what will work for every person, but desire to share my experiences if they can be helpful to you in your family life or therapeutic practice.